ATEA Conference 2011

Valuing Teacher Education: Policy, Perspectives and Partnerships

Below are the fully blind peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2011 ATEA Annual Conference, Victoria University (Flinders St Campus), Melbourne, Victoria, 3–6 July

Please cite papers using the format:

Adam, R. (2011). Engaging the epistemic dimension of preservice teachers’ identity: A pedagogical tool. Refereed paper presented at ‘Valuing teacher education: Policy, perspectives and partnerships’, the annual conference of the Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA), Melbourne, 3–6 July.

Peer-review refereeing process

The conference committee for the annual conference of the Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) facilitates the review of all papers for admission to the conference. Abstracts for all papers presented are reviewed by the organising committee as to suitability for presentation as research at the annual conference, but full paper refereeing is optional. Only full, peer-reviewed papers actually presented at the conference are published on the ATEA website.

Refereed papers were subject to a thorough and anonymous peer review process that involved a blind review of the research publication in its entirety by independent qualified experts from the field of teacher education. Provisionally accepted papers were returned to the author/s for revision before inclusion in the conference proceedings. The refereeing system was administered by the ATEA Conference Convenor and committee. The results of the peer review process are reported directly to the authors and recorded by the Conference Convenor.

The ATEA Conference Proceedings Archive listing on our website is the ultimate authority on which papers were refereed.

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