Teacher  Education: Global Trends and Local Responses

The TEFANZ Executive warmly welcomes you to the second joint TEFANZ ATEA conference – Teacher  Education: Global Trends and Local Responses  in 2020. This will be held in the beautiful city of Auckland  8th -10th July. From Auckland there are flights to all over New Zealand if you want to explore our country on an extended stay.

The last joint conference in Melbourne was a superb occasion with a large New Zealand contingent attending and contributing alongside our Australian colleagues.  We are excited to return the hospitality and make this a memorable occasion.

Please visit tefanzatea2020.nz

See you in Auckland!


Teacher Education Forum of Aotearoa New Zealand (TEFANZ) was officially launched on 12 July 1999 as the national voice for teacher education in Aotearoa New Zealand.

TEFANZ members represent New Zealand providers who offer teacher education programmes at degree or graduate level. The current host institution for TEFANZ is the University of Waikato, for the years 2014-2017 inclusive.

The purpose of the TEFANZ is

  • to promote the development of research-informed programmes of teacher education,
  • to promote teaching as a graduate profession,
  • to develop partnerships within the teaching profession and with the education community, and
  • to promote the means to implement its commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi.

The association aims to provide a national voice for teacher education issues in the political and policy arena by regularly consulting with the Ministry of Education and government agencies. Another stated aim is to improve the public perception of teacher education and the education profession. TEFANZ does not represent the institutional interests of its members but is instead focused on issues of quality in teacher education, with the intention of speaking on behalf of important professional and research-informed issues in education.

For more information please visit tefanz.org.nz

Please direct any Conference questions to:

Melissa Burnett
Event Services
University of Auckland

Conference Venue

ATEA 2020 Conference will be held in Auckland, New Zealand.

Date: 8th -10th July 2020

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