ATEA wishes to acknowledge the work of scholars who have made important contributions to Teacher Education, by making them Distinguished Members of the Association.

Distinguished Members of the Association

  • Assoc. Professor Debbie Heck
  • Assoc Professor Joce Nuttall
  • Professor Simone White
  • Emeritus Professor Jo-Anne Reid
  • Emeritus Professor Tania Aspland
  • Professor Diane Mayer
  • Assoc. Professor Rosie Le Cornu
  • Assoc. Professor Bill Eckersley
  • Professor Marie Brennan
  • Assoc. Professor Maxine Cooper
  • Dr. Graeme Hall
  • Emeritus Professor Sue Willis
  • Emeritus Professor Toni Downes
  • Assoc. Professor Kay Martinez
  • Dr. Ian Macpherson

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