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2021 ATEA Conference

2021 ATEA Conference

”ATEA is 50 – Golden Jubilee 2021, Brisbane “Strong Foundations, Future Innovations.”

The 2021 conference marked the 50th anniversary of the rich and long history of the Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA). Staying true to theme, this year’s conference reflected on the complex, contested and vital work of teacher education in order to chart a course and prepare for the unforeseen future.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Jo-Anne Reid

Emeritus Professor of Education at Charles Sturt University

Originally a secondary English teacher, Professor Jo-Anne Reid worked as a curriculum consultant for rural teachers before being appointed to the Curriculum Branch in WA. From there she moved to Murdoch University and completed her PhD in English curriculum programming at Deakin. She has since worked as a literacy teacher educator in three rural universities (Ballarat, New England and Charles Sturt) and is committed to improving the preparation of teachers for schools in rural and remote locations.

She has won a range of National Competitive Grants over her career which have focussed on primary literacy, secondary English teaching, teacher education, overseas born and educated teachers, and Indigenous teachers, along with literacy and the environment, and rural teacher education.

Professor Jo-Anne Reid has been co-editor of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education and past president of both ATEA and AARE.

Professor Ken Zeichner

Boeing Professor of Teacher Education Emeritus at the University of Washington

Professor Ken Zeichner is a former public school teacher and teacher educator in the National Teacher Corps at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and at the University of Washington. Prior to joining the faculty in Seattle in 2009, he spent 34 years on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a Professor in teacher education, including nine years as Associate Dean for teacher education and international education. In Seattle, he spent four years as Director of Teacher Education.

Also a published author, Professor Ken Zeichner’s work currently focuses on issues relating to the tensions and possibilities for collaboration between nondominant communities, schools and teacher education programs, the politics of teacher education policies, and engaging nondominant communities in teacher education.

He is currently chairing a 3-year project for the National Academy of Education with Linda Darling-Hammond on Evaluating and Improving Teacher Education Programs. Please see here for details.

Professor Anne Phelan

Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy

Anne Phelan is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, and co-Director of the Centre for the Study of Teacher Education at the University of British Columbia. She is also Honorary Professor in the Department of Policy and Leadership at the Education University of Hong Kong.

Her research focuses on the intellectual and political freedom of K-12 teachers and on the creation of teacher education programs and policies that support that end. Her work has explored (a) the relationship between language, subjectivity, and practice; (b) the dynamic of  judgement and responsibility; and (c) the paradoxes of autonomy (creativity and resistance) and obligation in teacher education and in professional life.