Receive a subscription to the A+ Ranked Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education as part of your annual membership fee.

ATEA membership is aligned to the financial year. Membership dues are paid in July (often with the annual conference registration). ATEA membership has many benefits for anyone who regards themselves as a teacher educator.

  • Each member receives three copies of the ATEA journal, the Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, a year.
  • As well, there are scholarships and research grants available for early career teacher educators.
  • Best of all, ATEA gives teacher educators the chance to network and socialise with kindred spirits at our annual conference held in salubrious locations. ATEA conferences of late have been renowned for their friendly ambience and welcoming attitudes to all new members.

Membership Cost

Membership is currently $170 per year.

For any matter relating to membership, please contact the Membership Officer.

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