Teachers Mutual Bank / ATEA Teacher Educator of the Year 2019

Dr Abbey MacDonald, University of Tasmania

Presented by Shauna Wood, Teacher’s Mutual Bank

ATEA Research Recognition Award for an Early Career Researcher 2019

Dr Megan Adams, Monash University

Early Career Researcher Grant 2019

Dr Min Hue Nguyen, Monash University

Fellow of the Australian Teacher Education Association

Professor Joce Nuttall, Australian Catholic University

Congratulations to our 2019 winners

Teachers Mutual Bank / ATEA Teacher Educator of the Year 2018

Dr Janet Currie (The University of Technology, Sydney)

Presented by Shauna Wood, Teacher’s Mutual Bank

ATEA Early Career Researcher Grant 2018

Dr Meera Varadharajan (University of Technology, Sydney)


ATEA Research Recognition Award for Early Career Researchers 2018

Dr Abbey McDonald (University of Tasmania)

ATEA Teacher Education Partnership Grant 2018 

Dr Linda Westphalen (University of Adelaide) and Jarrod Johnson (Pulteney Grammar, South Australia)

Project Title: Pre- and in-service teacher publication: Teacher–lecturer collaborative partnerships fostering professional development

Teachers Mutual Bank / ATEA Teacher Educator of the Year 2017

Dr Janet Dyment (University of Tasmania)

ATEA TMB Teacher of the Year Photo063 cropped

Dr Janet Dyment’s award for the Teachers Mutual Bank/ATEA Teacher Educator of the Year is based on her outstanding innovation in webconference pedagogies that promote professional learning communities and scholarly teacher inquiry in online teacher education.

Teacher Education Partnership Grant 2017

Two projects were selected in 2017

Project One: Dr Sharyn Livy and Mr Johnson Alagappan

Project Title: Building relationships between universities and schools to enhance pre-service teachers’ mathematical learning




Project Two: Dr Lisa Papatraianou (Charles Darwin University) and Kathryn McGuigan (Principal, Mary MacKillop College, Kensington, SA)

Project Title: New places, new faces: understanding diverse students’ resilience when moving between home and school cultures

ATEA104 Teacher Education Partnership Grant 1
ATEA109 Teacher Education Partnership Grant 2

ATEA Research Recognition Award for Early Career Researchers 2017

Dr Jane Hunter (University of Technology Sydney)

Dr Jane Hunter cropped

Dr Jane Hunter is an early career researcher whose previous career was as a classroom teacher, head teacher in schools, policy advisor and senior education officer. Jane came to her work in teacher education in universities with the belief that great teaching matters and a conviction that teacher education is lifelong. This aware application gives an overview of her doctoral study, its links to six ATEA key priorities, and its impact including publications and current directions the research continues to take.

ATEA Early Career Researcher Grant 2017

No Award 2017

Teachers Mutual Bank / ATEA Teacher Educator of the Year 2016

Dr Jen Scott-Curwood (The University of Sydney)

Presented by Shauna Wood, Teacher’s Mutual Bank


Dr Jen Scott-Curwood is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney where she has worked as a teacher educator since 2011. Prior to this she spent seven years as a high school English teacher and four years as a teacher educator in the United States.

Her award for the Teachers Mutual Bank/ATEA Teacher Educator of the Year is based on her design and implementation of collaborative, reflective, and digitally mediated practices within the English education program. Her application was strongly supported by evidence from students’ unit evaluations, award nominations, and personal communications as well as colleagues’ testimonials.

ATEA Early Career Researcher Grant 2016

Dr Renata Cinelli (Mentor Dr Mellita Jones) (Australian Catholic University, Melbourne)

Presented by Associate Prof Joce Nuttall, ATEA President


Project summary:

The project expands on an existing qualitative research project investigating the outcomes of an international teaching placement for undergraduate primary preservice teachers (PSTs) [in the Solomon Islands]. Specifically, the influence on PSTs’ personal and professional attributes; personal growth; cultural knowledge, competence and understanding will be explored; as well as the host in-service Indigenous teachers’ experiences of the benefits of the programme and ways in which it could be improved will be sought. […]

The proposed project seeks to investigate the influence of the programme on pre-service and in-service teachers through responses to an open-ended questionnaire and follow-up round table focus group interview with 2016-2018 PST participants; and semi-structured interviews with the Indigenous staff of the schools involved. Federal government mobility funding has been secured from the New Colombo Scheme to increase the accessibility of the program to enable the increased number of PSTs to participate by subsidising places.

ATEA Research Recognition Award for Early Career Researchers 2016

Dr Jenna Gillett-Swan (Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove Campus)

Presented by Professor Simone White, ATEA Past-President


Dr Jenna Gillett-Swan is a teacher educator at Queensland University of Technology. She was awarded her PhD in 2014. She was a guest editor for the Global Studies of Childhood Journal Special Issue on ‘Children’s Rights in a 21st Century Digital World’ (2016) and for the Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher and an Education Special Issue on ‘Exploring the diversity of pre-service and beginning teachers’ experiences through multiple lenses’ (2017). She has a number of publications, with more under review.

Jenna is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a QUT Higher Education Research Network Executive Committee Member. She was awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Performance Award in 2015.

Fellow of the Australian Teacher Education Association 2016

The Australian Teacher Education Association recognises the outstanding service of

Professor Simone White

with the award of Fellow

5th July 2016


Cross-Institutional Collaborative Research Grant 2016

No Award 2016

The grant offers support to teachers in schools or early childhood centres to conduct research that has a focus on in-service or pre-service education/professional learning.

APJTE journal award for best article 2015

Colette Murphy, Kathryn Scantlebury & Catherine Milne

“Using Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development to propose and test an explanatory model for conceptualising co-teaching in pre-service science teacher education”

APJTE journal award for best reviewer 2015

Jo-Anne Reid

Maureen Robinson

ATEA/Pearson Teacher Educator of the Year Awards

2013: Dr Leonie Rowan, Griffith University

2012: Dr Margaret Plunkett, Monash University

2011: Dr Debra Bateman, Deakin University

2010: Dr Caroline Walta, La Trobe University

2009: A/P Rosie Le Cornu, University of South Australia

2008: A/P Glenn Finger, Griffith University

2007: Dr Jane Keogh, University of Queensland

2006: A/P Phillip Morgan, University of Newcastle

Previous ATEA Research Recognition Awards for Early Career Researchers

2013: Dr Katherine Main, Griffith University

2013: Dr Hoa Thi Mai Nguyen, University of Sydney

2012: Ms Misty Adoniou, University of Canberra

2012: Ms Jennifer Duke, Queensland University of Technology

2012: Ms Sharon Hogan, University of the Sunshine Coast

2008: Dr Jinghe Han, University of Western Sydney

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